Learning how to make a short film in i-movie is not only fun. It can also inspire your child to make a difference…

So, how can it do this?

Encourage your child to use i-movie to make a short film about a philanthropist they admire.

This person might just become a role model. Your child would at the very least gain greater awareness of what that philanthropist has achieved.

They would learn about someone who is doing great things to help others. Defying the odds to create change in an imaginative and courageous way. They would learn how to construct a biography.

If that’s part of what they learn in the process, that’s pretty good education right there. I can vouch for this – I’ve encouraged over 100 children to make over 30 short films with good results. Many children have been really positively impacted.

Your child needs to choose a philanthropist he or she can relate to or look up to.

I recommend thinking about a child philanthropist

Or a philanthropist who at least started out as a child. Opting for the child philanthropist is really inspiring and can show your child that anything is possible and age is not a barrier for helping people.

Things to think about when making the film

Who will be in the film? Can other friends of members of the family be in it? What did the philanthropist achieve? What is their cause? What barriers did they have in achieving it? How did they overcome them? Why do you admire them?

Some examples of child philanthropists

Children you could consider for this are:


It sparks their creativity.

Watching your child make a film with i-movie makes you realise how creative they are. Creative sparks fly and they are quick to produce something. They access photos from the web, they use music as a soundtrack, they edit, they film themselves or other members of the family to tell the story.

Inspiring your child to be creative in this way is really rewarding.

A necessary life skill

Being able to make video shorts is pretty handy these days for many jobs. Putting together a short promotional video for social media for example is expected. So it’s a useful skill to learn in any case.

Need help with i-movie?

If you or your child hasn’t learned how to use i-movie (or any other movie making app for that matter) there is some help from Apple here. However, it may be that the way things are these days, it will be the child teaching the adult how to use it!

Have fun and do let me know how it goes by commenting below.

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