“Doll role models” are not usually three words I put together. I am not a big fan of Barbie and there is a danger of some dolls promoting looks over substance.

However, when I read about Wendy Tsao who turned Bratz dolls into inspirational women – like Malala and the UN messenger of peace, Jane Goodall – I was intrigued.

The dolls she made formed a collection called “Mighty Dolls”.

Each one has a quote to accompany it. I think they’re a breath of fresh air.

How to make your own doll

Fashioning something as slick as Wendy Tsao might be a tad tricky. But there are other easier, quicker ways, which are engaging and just as meaningful.

I am not the world’s best doll maker so here is a YouTube clip┬áby Nadia Chapman which goes through a child-friendly way of making a doll.

doll role models

Which doll would your child make?

Who are your child’s role models? Who could they be? A philanthropist? If you’re not sure, here is an idea of how to think about this. Here is another.

A great learning outcome.

Not only will your child have had fun making a doll, but they will hopefully have spent some time thinking about the important achievements of their role model.

In conversation you could ask them questions about why they chose that person and why their work was so important. It might lead to some intriguing insights.

(Credit: Image of Jane Goodall doll by Wendy Tsao)

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