It is hard to buy unique kids’ gifts for Christmas or for your child’s birthday.

It’s important to treat them of course and make them feel special. You can give them what they want and hope for but a surprise gift can light up their eyes.

But what if one surprise opened their eyes to helping others too?

Good gifts” is an organisation which enables you to do just that. You can choose from loads of great ideas for gifts that you give  – not to your child – but to people who really need them.

Inspire empathy with a gift that matches your child’s interests.

If your child likes comics and drawing, why not buy some comics for children to cheer them up in hospital? If your son loves football, why not gift some footballs for poor children who need them most?

There are so many ideas for good gifts, your child is bound to relate to one of them.

Or let your child choose the gift.

Why not discuss the gift idea with your child? Perhaps it is more impactful to let your child own the process of giving and choosing?

What does your child get?

Firstly, a warm glow that they had effectively helped someone in need. Someone who may have similar interests that they can connect with.

Secondly, a keepsake card with a light-hearted description of the gift.

Thirdly, the realisation of being lucky and the awareness of others less fortunate than themselves.

Need not greed

Last Christmas, my children were fortunate to get lots of presents from the extended family. This was very kind but it was a job to slow down the rate at which they opened and enjoyed them. The excitement took over.

I feel it is important for children not to take gifts for granted. Especially when there are others who really want and need them.

So this year, I shall be buying and encouraging one or two gifts from

I think it’ll be worth every penny.

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