The Oxfam Youth Ambassador programme is a good support network for young change makers. First of all, it promotes leadership, teamwork and collaboration. Also, it gives your child a chance for their voice to be heard and finally, it helps them put their ideas into action.

It is particularly good for children 16-18 in sixth form.

How you can play a part as a parent.

Why not encourage your child to get some friends together and think about an issue that is important to them? As a parent, you could encourage them and guide their group. Encourage them to meet in their own free time, extend their learning about things that matter to them and develop skills and confidence to want to do something about it.

Empower them.

Connecting with Oxfam’s Resources.

You will need to register them as Oxfam Youth Ambassadors by contacting for a registration form.

Consequently, you will then be allocated an official Oxfam contact to support and encourage the group.

Oxfam have some great resources to download to help your child’s group. Here are some:

1). How to organise your action group 

2). Change the World: One step at a time 

This has great tips on petitioning, lobbying, influencing your local MP, taking action, how to hold an event and generate publicity with social media and stunts.

3). Oxfam’s Youth Action Launch Pad has some great ideas to help inspire the group.

The impact of working together.

As a result of being part of the programme your child will realise that change happens when people work together towards a common cause. Learning to collaborate is a valuable life skill for creating positive change. Most noteworthy when young people come together and create change is their sense of confidence and belief that they can actually make a difference. I can vouch for this as I have seen it first hand at school on projects I have facilitated.

Good for your child’s C.V.

Taking initiative and galvanising a group of young people shows leadership and enterprise. It is an experience that looks great on the old C.V. too.

Let me know if you find any of these resources helpful.