Colouring in role models? Colouring in seems all the rage these days. Especially for mindfulness. But rather than colouring to change one’s state, I’m talking here about colouring to change one’s world view and impacting a child with an introduction to some amazing role models (other than all the amazing women who have recently marched to promote gender equality on the first day of Trump’s presidency).

A different kind of colouring-in book

My 6 year old daughter has just had a go at one called:

Agents of Change - Inspirational Women Coloring Book: Volume 2

(See Amazon Affiliate disclosure).

It’s really interesting to see her reaction.

As a result of the activity, we have sparked some really good conversations about some incredibly inspiring people. She is now consequently much more aware of some important social issues.

The book features 15 women who have contributed in special ways to unlock the full potential of women in society. It offers brief biographies of educators, athletes, scientists, architects, civil rights leaders and others who have made important contributions globally.

colouring in role models

It works.

You can see that I chose Malala for my daughter to learn about first. That’s the beginning of her efforts in the picture above.

When I explained who Malala was, what happened to her and what she did, she was amazed. When I explained how she fights for education and equal rights for women, she said she “only wanted to colour in women now” and that she was really keen to colour her in “really carefully”.

Having a discussion with a creative project as a hook for the conversation was really impactful. And it would work for boys too, of course, to learn about inspiring women in the same way.

Why not give it a try? (See Amazon Affiliate disclosure)

(Photo credits: Shane Clester for the illustrations and Devin C. Hughes for the book)

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