Got any cardboard boxes kicking about? Don’t throw them away!

You can use them for a great challenge for your child…

Caine Monroy’s dad had plenty of cardboard boxes from his used car part store in America. His 9-year-old son Caine spent his whole summer holiday getting creative with them. He built an elaborate cardboard arcade and waited for his dad’s customers to come and pay to have a go at his cardboard games.

No one did.

Until one day, a filmmaker came by and was so inspired by Caine’s creativity, he made a film about it.

Now, Caine’s arcade is a global movement inspiring children to get creative.


Why not challenge your child to make a game or arcade out of cardboard too? They could charge people to have a go and give the money to a charity of their choice. Perhaps some friends could join in or perhaps they could suggest the idea of the cardboard challenge to their teacher? For inspiration, have a look at this great video of a group of children enjoying the cardboard challenge.

This is also a great resource from

It’s open to anyone. It hardly costs anything and does wonders to inspire innovation in children – a critical life skill in finding solutions to problems. It also encourages children to be entrepreneurs and raise funds for causes that are important to them.

Give it a go!

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