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What if Compassion was at the Heart of what you taught your Child?

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A toolkit of simple ideas for busy parents to inspire positive change.

Make a Difference Parenting is a blog on a mission to promote kindness and plant seeds of compassion for children of all ages. It is a toolkit of ideas with THREE main aims:

1   INSPIRE. To give busy, conscientious parents simple, practical and inspiring ideas to teach children how to make a difference. This may come in the form of age-appropriate activities, stories or recommendations.

2   EMPOWER. To help parents give children the values, awareness and skills to make a difference. This creates the foundation to become agents of change.

3   CHANGE. To provide ideas for children to engage with local and wider communities, take creative action, become a change maker and be part of the solution.

Be part of the solution.

If we want to paint a picture of a better world, then children need to be part of the plan. Children are the future. They can help. But they need their parents to get them there. That’s where you come in…

My guess is you’re here because you want to teach children to care for others. To be compassionate. Perhaps you want your child to have strong values. To understand what’s going on in the real world. Maybe connect them to something purposeful that really matters to them.

But as a parent myself, I know you are extremely busy! And we’re all doing what we can with the time that we’ve got to bring up decent young people. So what if there were a ready-made toolkit of  practical ideas to dip into to help? Look no further…

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Welcome from Rob Overend

Hi, I’m Rob. Welcome to my blog –  thanks a lot for coming.

I’m a proud dad of two fun-loving young girls.

I have 12 years’ leadership and teaching experience at the  The Dragon School, Oxford. The school is part of the international network of Ashoka Changemaker schools. At school, I aim to inspire children and raise awareness of local and global issues. And then encourage them to actively help communities in need in all manner of creative ways. It’s really motivating and rewarding work.

Drawing is another passion of mine. I illustrate a series of fun children books featuring a character called Horace Burp.

You can find out more of what I’ve been up to on LinkedIn.

A personal journey

As a parent, I want to explore how my kids can develop positive values, useful skills, a sound moral compass and a strong sense of purpose.

As a teacher, I know that when children are engaged, they are fantastic at helping others. And they love it too. I want to reflect and try to record how to engage children in this way.

As a life-long learner, I am learning and reading from the worlds of education and social enterprise what I can about how children can make a difference. I want to share ideas I learn about.

As an illustrator, I am keen to explore how I can bring my passion for illustrating to inspiring children to make a difference – watch this space.

Inspiration for Make a Difference Parenting

I am inspired to start something that matters by the United Nations’ Global Goals and two visits to WE Day UK, a youth empowerment event, led by the Kielburger brothers.

I would also like to thank my friend and colleague, Danny Gill, who has ignited and continues to fuel my enthusiasm for this work.

Inspiration has also come from Ashoka, the SKOLL foundation and also Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes.

Be part of a Movement and see Everyone Benefit…

I feel there’s a positive wave of social change building in education. It’s happening right now: a zeitgeist, a movement and I want to capture as much of it as I can and put it all in one place.

A centralized toolkit for change. A pool of inspiring ideas for anyone to dip into.

More and more of my friends seem to be switching on to the idea that a life of purpose and giving is more fulfilling and want to encourage their children to subscribe to the same point of view.

It’s really exciting and you can be a part of it.

Just come along for the ride

Communities and society benefit. Any kind of action a child makes to help others will have an impact. From small gestures of compassion to inventing something that saves lives. Every action counts.

The children benefit in so many ways. They develop new skills, qualities such as empathy and compassion, confidence. They feel more connected to the local or global community. They feel they are contributing more to society. They develop a sense of purpose.

Parents benefit in the knowledge that they are helping to make a difference. They also deepen relationships and strengthen family bonds. And add to their personal legacy as a parent.

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